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Solar Panel Tenaga Surya – utk CCTV Kamera EZVIZ CS-CMT


Ready Solar Panel/ Tenaga surya untuk keperluan CCTV wireles EZVIZ CS-MT

Dengan Produk ini, CCTV Kamera anda akan bebas kabel, tenaga listrik akan tetap terpasok sepenuhnya sepanjang hari.

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Deskripsi EZVIZ CS-CMT Solar Panel/Tenaga Suria portabel Ezviz C3a IP Cam CCTV
With EZVIZ Solar Panel your C3A Wire-Free Camera Will Always Stay Charged.

EZVIZ products have been designed for your entertainment, communication and security. Solar panel can power battery camera(C3A). It makes battery cameras more convenient to use and eliminates the need to disassemble and recharge battery. With only a few hours of direct sunlight, keeps your C3A battery camera be charged.

Weather resistant design and adjustable mount for simple installation. Operating temperature: -40C to 70 C Solar panel performance may vary depending on differing amounts of sunlight. Factors like weather and temperature may also affect the charging performance. Specification Output Voltage 5V Current 400mA Dimensions L*W*H 153mm 80mm 2mm Performance parameter Open circuit voltage 65% Short circuit current 432mA5% Max. Power voltage 5V5% Max.

Power current 400mA5% Max. Power 2W5% Fill factor 74% Transformation efficiency 19% TEMP -40 for 8 hours,70 for 8 hours Manufacturing process Manufacturing process Monocrystalline solar cells PET laminated wood Whats included 1x Solar Panel 1x Adjustable Mounting Bracket 1x Kit Sekrup 1x Manual book 1x Waranty Card